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Hight Temperature Soft Flow Dyeing Machine

Product Description
KRSNA has anticipated various innovations at early as in 1990. The demands of the market were changing. Krsna with constant SYNERGESTIC relation CUSTOMER helped us to INTRODUCE this KRSNA SOFT FLOW DYEING MACHINE.
KRSNA an INNOVATOR of Dyeing technology Introduced 1STTIME In India Soft/Over Flow Dyeing Machines . ( Krsna has been awarded by President of India Twice for in house development of Energy saving Environ friendly Soft Flow Dyeing 1st time in India.)
This machine gives excellent DYEING results across the broad spectrum of KNIT, TERRY TOWEL, WOVEN LOOSELY WOVEN & ALL KIND OF SURFACE SESNSITIVE fabrics. Krsna Soft Flow also beneficial for plant economies of Dyeing,
Salient Features:
  • 5 Kilo to 2000 Kilo Capacity in Variation Permutation Combinations.
  • Robust Reliable Construction of SS 316 L
  • Overflow & Transport Tube Inside Vessel (Minimum Fabric Lifting)
  • Liquor Ration 1:3:5 to 1:4 with 100% Moist Fabric
  • Teflon / Plaitor at Rear Side for Entangle Free Fabric Movement.
  • High Volume Low Pressure Pump (with AC Variable Inverter Drive).
  • Variable Driven Inside Reel with Silicon Strip to Avoid Abrasion Mark.
  • Liquor Ration 1:4 With 100% Moist Fabric
  • Teflon Sheet at Rear Side for Entangle Free Fabric Movement.
  • Water Flow Meter (Optional).
  • Fully Auto Operation (Optional).
  • Seam Detector (Optional).
  • Power Drain & Poser Fill / 2 Drain & 2 Fill (Optional).
  • Stock Tank / Salt Tank & Addtional Tank (Optional).
Krsna New Design Soft Dyeing Machine for Low to Higher GSM of Knits and Woven Fabrics.
  • Differential Loading Chamber.
  • Maximum Loaidng Chamber 200 Kilo.
  • Maximum Mechanical Speed 300 mtrs/min.
  • Fabric Turnover Time Less than 2.5 minutes.
  • Plaitor with Inverter Drive.
  • Chamber Capacity
    Knits/Woven: 100/125/150/175/200
    Terry Towel/Furnishing: 200/250/300
  • Rapid Heating 5° - 6° C/min at 6 Kg/cm2 Steam Pressure.
  • Rapid Cooling 4° - 5° C/min at 2 Kg/cm2 Water Pressure.
  • Maximum Temperature 95° C Atmospheric
  • Maximum Temperature 135° C H.T.
  • Maximum Pressure 3 Kg/cm2 H.T.
Product Video
Product Diagrams - Machines Installed
  • Soft-Flow-Dyeing-Machine-1-American-Cotton-Material
  • Soft-Flow-Dyeing-Machine-2-All-Fabrics
  • Soft-Flow-Dyeing-Machine-3-Knit-Woven-Material
  • Soft-Flow-Dyeing-Machine-4-Loosely-Woven.jpg
  • Soft-Flow-Dyeing-Machine-Terry-Towel-2100-Kilo-Capacity