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Jigger Dyeing Machine

Product Description
Jigger is the oldest dyeing machine & has been used in textile industries for more than 100 years. We at KRSNA has develop Special Purpose Jigger with complete automatic PLC Control Operation. It is equipped With Filter / Color Pump / Heat Exchanger A/c variable Drive.
Special Features:
  • Krsna offers Auto, Semi Auto and Manual(echo-friendly).
  • All guide rollers are made from SS sheet and big in diameter to minimize the liquor ratio. (bottom rolles-150mm dia-2nos.).
  • Pneumatic doors lifting/lowering by four heavy duty cylinder.
  • Structure is made from 6mm (SS plate bending).
  • Total structure is leveled on plano miler.
  • Main rolls are claded with 3mm SS plate or made from SS shaft.
  • Both rollers are driven by individual a/c variable drive.
  • Bottom guide rolls are big in dia for lower liquor ratio.
  • All guide rolls are made from 3mm SS.
  • Complete machine electronic PLC based auto operation.
  • Loading/unloading from both sides.
  • Helical bewel gear box increase efficiency.
  • Fully automatic touch screen PLC based operation.
  • 200 programme storage capacity.
  • Filter + addition tank & dye addition & circulation pump.
  • Auto tension control pendulam control.
  • Auto cycle control.
  • Fabric unloading winch.
Product Diagram