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Open cum Rope after Print Washing Range for Knits & Delicate Fabrics
Product Description
This scientifically design washer is result of years of experience. KRSNA is designing and manufacturing Soft Flow, its combination of Open Width Section and KrsFlow Section.
Open Width Section
  • 2 Nos. Vibro Drum Washer
  • Relax Conveyor Washer
  • Open to Rope Conversion Section
The KrsFlow Section
This modular design washer has usually 8 to 16 Train (Tube, each is 50 Kilo capacity Soft Flow running in Tandem). Each Soft Flow with independent Soft Flow / Over Flow Section / Squeezer Unit (Act as In Variable Drive in Side Reel). Fabric Rope get squeezed so that liquor in the fabric enter next (Train) Soft Flow. Fabric Transport Tube / Heat Exchanger / Filter / Centrifugal Pump Rope Washing section working on Overflow Principle.
Product Diagram