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Open Width after Print Washing Range for Woven
Product Description
We at KRSNA develop Tensionless Open Width Print Washer consist of Drum Washer Relax Washer. Krsna Continuous Open Width Soaper encompases all the principles of efficient washing. The Krsna Soaper is an intelligent combination of highly efficient Krsna Vibro Drum and Krsna Relax Conveyor Washer C.

Printed or Dyed Knits and Woven Fabric is being entered on Drum Washing Section which is being cold wash, then it enters the Relax Washer where Hight Temperature and continuous immersion in water helps in bettering wash. Followed with passing on more drum washer ensures excellent washing.
The basic features of Krsna Washing Ranges are:
  • Smooth Easy Fabric Passage.
  • Lower Liquor Consumption Environ Friendly.
Product Diagram